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My name is Becky. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease November 2011. I find it hard to find good recipes, snacks, restaurants etc. so I'm gonna help those of you who need it and hopefully you can give me ideas too :)
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I made gluten free cheesecake today and it was AMAZINGGGG There was no crust but it was soooo GOODDD!!!

I wish someone made gluten free cookies n’ cream or some sort of cookie ice cream

So personally I didnt like using corn tortilas (the soft ones not the taco shells)…. so I tried the rice tortillas and if u put one in a frying pan with oil in the pan and directly on the tortilla then put stuff in it and put another rice tortilla on top with oil on it, it really helps!

I keep on reading more and more people going gluten free to be more healthy and to lose weight.. A. if you dont have to go gluten free, then going gluten free isnt good for you and B. I dont think you understand how hard it is not to be able to have so many of the foods you want to eat, and on top of that when you can have the food you want to eat it is modified to be gluten free and costs about twice the price of the normal stuff… so why are you doing it when you dont have to?!?!?

Do all of us who have to a favor and stop complaining I’m sick of hearing from people who say they just want to try it when they dont have to and how hard it is for them… you can eat a piece of normal bread or cake or pizza without getting sick and some of us cant!!!

Legal Seafood has an entire Celiac friendly gluten free menu!!!

It even has fried calamari on it made from corn meal instead of bread crumbs (theyre amazing!!!)

If you have not been tested for celiac (blood test then endoscopy) do not go on a gluten free diet yet! it can cause a false negative. And then you could be not be fixing your problem. Plus doing it for fitness reason as a diet is not always good for you so ask your doctor first… :) hope this helps you!

Dear Lindsay,

Don’t go gluten free until you get tested other wise you might not be solving the problem and when you do get tested it will come up as a false negative. Go get a blood test, if it is positive then get an endoscopy then start the gluten free diet!

I hope you take this advice because it can be bad for you to cut gluten out of your diet when you dont have to


Yup, I’m going gluten-free.

After reading some info online about Celiac Disease, the symptoms describe me 100%. Why did I never really think of this before, that I could potentially have CD??? I’ll tell you why. Cuz all of the 8 USELESS doctors that I’ve seen, never ONCE mentioned it might be a…

As someone with Celiac Disease, I was never super super careful with cross contamination. But after recent mishaps and getting really sick! Which ok I guess I was asking for it but….

I hate that besides my mother my family doesnt get it they all say how I am being way too careful! especially when the bacon they wanted me to eat was in a tray with bread sitting on top of it… they dont understand that I cant eat that! No I wont die right then and there if I eat it like a Peanut allergy but I will get sick and have a possibility of developing a disease in the future because of it. They should get off their high horses and realize that I know my limits they dont and they should just want to do what they can to keep me healthy!!!!!

Straight from their website (under talk to us) when the question was asked are your products gluten free?….

We’re glad you asked! Our products were put through highly sensitive tests that indicate they are gluten-free. The ELISA test, the most stringent test currently available for gluten quantification, indicates that they contain less than 5 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, meaning they can be considered gluten-free. The results indicate that the products also tested well below the FDA’s current proposed limit of 20ppm for a product to be considered gluten-free.

favorite gluten free dessert… Reese’s are amazing and the ice cream is even better

My two favorite gluten free pastas!!!

My gluten free friends!

If your doctor says you can have a meal with gluten in it every once in a while….if u have 0 symptoms fine. if you have very slight symptoms like me DONT DO IT!!!! omg it was horrible!!!!